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Unlock the roadmap to educational adventures: Caravan travel for families, seamlessly combining learning with adventure, guiding you to plan and enjoy travelling while homeschooling.

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Road Schooling: Where the World Becomes Your Classroom!

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Homeschool travel program
About us

We are here to help parents navigate their home school journey whilst travelling with kids

We understand that learning doesn’t stop when the wheels start turning. That’s why we’re dedicated to empowering parents to educate their children while embarking on the ultimate adventure: travelling in a caravan.

Our comprehensive resources and support network are designed to make homeschooling on the road not just possible, but enriching and enjoyable. From curriculum suggestions tailored to life on the move to practical tips for turning every stop into a learning opportunity, we’re here to help parents foster a love of learning that transcends borders and opens up a world of possibilities for their children.

With Caravan EDventure, the journey is just as educational as the destination.

Road Schooling

Choosing to educate our children on the road has been the most wholesome and grounding experience for us all and I am truly grateful.

Sarah Jenkins

Travelling Australia with her two daughters

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Daily activities

Activities for your children to enjoy in the caravan and out on their adventures

Road school ideas

Road Trip Journaling

Encourage children to document their journey by keeping a travel journal. They can write about the places they visit, draw pictures, or stick in mementos like ticket stubs or pressed flowers.

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Create a list of items for children to find during stops along the way, such as specific plants, animals, or natural landmarks. It's a fun way to engage with the environment and learn about local ecosystems.

Audio Storytelling

Utilise audiobooks or storytelling podcasts during long stretches of driving. Children can listen to stories, learn about history, or explore new topics while on the road.

Caravan Cooking

Get children involved in meal preparation by letting them help with simple cooking tasks. Whether it's making sandwiches for a picnic or assembling DIY pizza wraps, cooking together fosters valuable skills and family bonding.

Map Navigation

Teach children basic navigation skills by involving them in route planning. Let them follow along on a map or GPS device, discussing landmarks, distances, and directions. It's a practical way to integrate geography and problem-solving into the journey.

Cultural Exploration

Research upcoming destinations together and discuss the local culture, traditions, and history. Encourage children to create a scrapbook or digital presentation about each place they visit, including interesting facts and their own impressions.

Wherever the Road Takes Us, Learning Never Stops!

Embracing all the educational adventures, one destination at a time.